We have a bunch of resources to help you get started building your application:

Getting Started

Class is in Session

  • MongoDB University - There are dozens of courses on MongoDB University to help you become an expert. The MongoDB Basics course is now open.

Free Hosting

  • Free 512 MB databases - MongoDB Atlas makes it easy to set up a database with just a few clicks.
  • Free Serverless Functions - MongoDB Stitch is a serverless platform that makes it easy to build applications on top of MongoDB. It comes with 1,000,000 free functions per month. You can use MongoDB Stitch to query your database directly from your client using the Stitch SDK, or use Mobile Sync to keep mobile devices running MongoDB Mobile in sync with your Atlas cluster.
  • Free Static Hosting - MongoDB Stitch can also be used to host your static content such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, and more. MongoDB Stitch includes 25 GB of free data transfer per month.

Other Tools to Check Out

  • MongoDB Mobile - An embedded MongoDB database supported on iOS, Android, and IoT devices.
  • MongoDB Charts - An easy way to build dashboards and visualizations from your data.
  • MongoDB Compass - The GUI for MongoDB. It's the easiest way to explore, visualize, and manipulate your MongoDB data.

Join the Community

  • MongoDB Community Slack - Join the #hackathon channel on Slack to talk about projects, ask questions to MongoDB engineers, and find teammates.

Get in Touch

  • Feel free to get in touch on Slack or by emailing hackathon@mongodb.com.